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MyKneeLife offers patients the convenience of a free online evaluation to help you understand the cause of your knee pain and to find the best surgeon near you.

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Knee injuries and arthritis can cause significant loss of mobility that can rob you of the ability to complete errands or household tasks, participate in sports, and even sleep. Our online assessment will help determine the cause of your knee pain and recommend the best surgeon in your area.

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Whether the recommendation is a total knee joint replacement or another less invasive option, treatment can help lessen or end your chronic knee pain. Answer a few short questions to help start a conversation with a top board certified knee specialist.

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MyKneeLife can help ensure that you receive the proper diagnosis before pursuing a treatment plan and give you the confidence to make fully-informed decisions about your health. Find the best surgeons and joint specialists near you to help diagnose and treat knee problems and help you live your most active life.

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Why We Built MyKneeLife

You should be in control of finding the best knee pain relief option for you and your family

Millions of people suffer from knee pain and it can be difficult to know what your options are and who can help. Worst of all, too many people are living in pain because they don’t have a guide during this trying time. We wanted to help people with knee pain find the Right Treatment with the Right Surgeon, at the Right Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyKneeLife believes that medical technology has the ability to improve lives. Conceived through our own experiences searching for the top orthopedic specialists, MyKneeLife is bringing appointments with the top orthopedic surgeons to you. Our Mission is to connect patients in pain with leading providers in a timely manner in order to alleviate pain and restore their quality of life.

Your knee is a complex joint with many sensitive components, making it vulnerable to a variety of injuries. Depending on the condition, you may feel pain with bending or walking.  The pain can be in the inside of the knee or in the back of the knee. The knee joint plays an essential role in everyday mobility, and pain resulting from knee conditions or injuries can seriously impact your quality of life.

The following signs may indicate that it’s time to see a doctor: You have difficulty walking, You feel like the knee will give out, Your injured knee looks different, It’s affecting your quality of life

If you live with daily knee pain and other treatments have not worked, MyKneeLife can connect you with orthopedic surgeons that can help eliminate the pain and restore mobility.

Once you find the best surgeon through MyKneeLife, you can schedule a telemedicine (virtual) visit with their office right away.

If you have any previous imaging associated with your knee pain, your surgeon will guide you on securely sharing the information with them.

If you have not previously undergone any diagnostic imaging, your physician may want to order a variety of diagnostic imaging studies, including X-rays or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This helps them understand the extent of your joint damage or deterioration in order to determine whether you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery.

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